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Who is Jeremiah Say?

by Jeremiah Say

Creator & Founder of Serving Joy, Jeremiah Say

I had been both a nerd (in primary school) and a wanna-be ‘gangster’ (in secondary school). I know it sounds a little weird but I’d consider myself a hybrid of a nerd and a gangster. Perhaps one day I will write a book about my dramatic transformation and how I became what I am today.  But for now, I’d just like to focus on Serving Joy.

I love to read, write and spend time alone working on my projects with a cup of hot Green Tea by my side – that’s who I am – an introvert.

The rest of my free time, I usually spend on playing soccer with my friends, self-practiced mix martial arts (MMA) at home and go for Yoga lessons to stay active.

Why Serving Joy?

I just know I had to!

I am not a Psychiatrist, Counselor, Doctor or anything in between. I am just an ordinary individual who wants to create something that could improve the lives of my own fellow beings.

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning, I didn’t want to go to bed at night. All I could think of is Serving Joy – how can I make it a better community? How to enhance my readers’ experience? How can I improve the content to make it more interesting, fun and easy-to-read? These are questions I had been asking myself over and over again. I breathe, eat and even dream of Serving Joy, literally.

That why – I know I had to do it! Not just doing it for the sake of doing it but for the sake for serving others and because I love doing what I do.

At first, I couldn’t explain the excitement I had. That’s why I wrote in my journal – in bullet points format – to help me understand the driving force behind all of hard work – the WHY?

This is what I wrote in my journal:

  • I don’t want to hide my talents, I want to share and make use of whatever little I have to make this world a better place to live in
  • I like to do things my way. Starting Serving Joy allows me to challenge myself and the status quo in different ways
  • I want others to know that not everyone with tattoo are bad people (Ridiculous? Yeah, that’s what I wrote)
  • I am happy to be given an opportunity to inspire others to lead a better life. This is the best job in the world (I don’t even consider this a job)
  • I love Art. Serving Joy allows me to express some form of arts
  • I love challenges. Working at Serving Joy is a challenge to me every day
  • I had always wanted to start a site like Serving Joy. It’s my dream!  

This is why I do what I do. To find out more about why I started Serving Joy, go to http://Servingjoy.com/serving-joy/

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