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Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Jimmy Kimmel

Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Jimmy Kimmel

Image Credit: betto rodrigues / Born James Christian Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most popular and sought-after late-night talk show hosts today. Aside from being a show host, Jimmy is also a writer, a comedian, a voice actor, a musician, and a producer (he is also executive producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live). Jimmy […]

Jackie Chan attends the La Silence de Lorna premiere at the Palais des Festivals

Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Hong Kong Actor, Jackie Chan

Image Credit: cinemafestival I only want my work to make people happy.” – Jackie Chan In the world of martial arts, Jackie Chan stands out as among the most recognizable names. More than an international film star, he also directs and produces movies. Nevertheless, his list of achievements does not end there, since he has also involved […]

Important Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Oprah Winfrey

Important Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Oprah Winfrey

Image Credit: Everett Collection / Oprah Winfrey is one of the few people on this planet who is a “multi-hyphenate,” a person who is recognized as having multiple occupations. Aside from being a respected talk show host, she is a producer, actress, entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Her achievements have not gone unnoticed. In 2013, she […]

Healthy Foods

The health benefits of arugula

8 Important Health Benefits of Arugula – Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Arugula Into Your Daily Greens

Introduction  Another big hit and definitely a must-have for salad lovers is the arugula. It is among the healthiest green leafy vegetable belonging to the same family as kale and cauliflower. More than the established history of arugula as an aphrodisiac, this vegetable is packed with numerous health benefits. Arugula is low in calories. According […]

Reasons Why You Should Eat Plums

10 Delicious Health Benefits of Plums – Reasons Why Plums Are Extremely Good For You

[tr-shareit]fun fact: California is the world’s largest producer of dried plums, supplying 48 percent of the world’s supply and 99 percent of the U.S. supply.[/tr-shareit] [envira-gallery id=”3534″] [toc] Introduction Plums are juicy and sweet drupes that belong in the genus, Prunus. This fruit, scientifically known as Prunus domestica, is cultivated across the globe from Europe to […]