Update 5 September 2023: This site is no longer being maintained. I (Jeremiah), the founder is currently working on 3 other projects together with my team.

They are:

  1. Gracious Quotes
  2. Quit With Nerd
  3. Cheese Origin

If you have any questions regarding Serving Joy, please do not hesitate to reach me here.

It is unfortunate that Serving Joy didn’t work out as I first intended. Nevertheless, I still want to thank you for being here.

It means a lot!

My 7 Day Smoothie Detox for a Healthier Body

My 7 Day Smoothie Detox for a Healthier Body

When it comes to smoothies, some of them can easily replace either breakfast or dinner (particularly those that contain plant milk, seeds and oats.) Feel free to experiment with the ingredients but ensure you make nutrient-dense smoothies. You can enhance your body’s natural detoxification system by simply changing your diet.” ~ Gracious Quotes Day 1…

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